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Just Seaux You Kneaux...

First of all, in case you didn't know anything with the ending "EAUX" is pronounced "oh" we are thrilled to be able to share our love of Cajun food with the world... Here is our story...

Through the years we have been on the road a lot.  Between softball tournaments and football games, time with friends and family has been very limited.  As our nest empties, we are trying to make up for lost time and cooking and having friends to share life with is something we greatly enjoy. 

My husband and I both have family ties to Louisiana.  With our deep family roots, I-10E has always been a friend.  If we weren't going to a softball camp, we were visiting my aunt or my cousins in the greater New Orleans area.  Over the last three years, we have spent much of our time in Lafayette watching Ragin Cajun Softball.  We have enjoyed getting to know some of the best people we have ever met and have had some of the most delicious meals we have every eaten.  One thing we miss when we get back to Texas is real Cajun & Creole cuisine.  We have yet to come across a perfect Lafayette seafood boil, authentic Étouffée, or real Red Beans and rice.  So, when there is a need, why not meet it? That's where the idea for our mobile kitchen was born.  

We cook real Louisiana crawfish and only local shrimp.  Only genuine Louisiana French bread is served.  All of our sauces are homemade.  Boudin is delivered to us weekly.  Unlike most boils in the area, our crawfish are cooked with seasoning in the water.  Many people do not even realize they are not getting an authentic boil until they taste ours.  We like to say our crawfish is boiled one way, the right way..  

I have heard it said that Imitation is the Highest Form of Flattery...  I say that Imitation is a cop-out and represents the lowest level of imagination and a mere excuse to be lazy.  With that said, prior to opening we took hours to go through local restaurant menus so that our menu was ORIGINAL!  Seaux Cajun is the original home of the Boudin Eggrolls in the crossroads area, the Original Home of the Crawfish Mac & Cheese, and the first restaurant to offer an Etouffee Plate with grilled or fried seafood.  We are often imitated but never duplicated.  Every detail is considered in all of our dishes.   We do not take any shortcuts and we bring our customers the best there is to offer.  

We know that once you try our delicious cuisine, you'll be hooked cher (pronounced Sha).

At Your Service

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